March 7, 2020
7 Medicinal Benefits of Mushrooms
Exploring the Potency & Uses of the Top Medicinal Mushrooms Mushrooms have long been touted for their myriad of health benefits, and the use of medicinal mushroom dates back thousands [...]
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December 10, 2019
Are you S.M.A.R.T.? Can you hit your mark?
Zig Ziglar once said, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” And each of us knows from our own experience that he is right.  The general [...]
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December 2, 2019
Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge!
Over the past five years, I have decided to share my Thankfulness over social media in hopes to inspire others to be outwardly thankful to their community members.  Thanksgiving is [...]
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November 21, 2019
8 Health Benefits and Precautions of Cordyceps!
The most interesting health benefits of cordyceps include its ability to improve respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, boost your heart health and detoxify your body. This fungus has also been [...]
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November 21, 2019
UAchieve 5K: Greatness, is it in YOU?
Have you always dreamed about running a 5K? If so, I have the perfect program for you. It is EVEN downloadable and so easy to follow. The UAchieve 5K program [...]
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April 12, 2019
Bad Situations Happen, it is your REACTION to the negative event that MATTERS.
We have all heard the verse, “Do unto others as you would want done to yourself,” and many of us live and breathe this reality within our personal and professional [...]
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March 28, 2019
14 Day Spring Cleanse Reset-EAT CLEAN-GET LEAN!
Begins Monday, April 8, 2019! $150.00 Cleanse your Body and Soul with the 14 Day Spring Cleanse Reset-EAT CLEAN-GET LEAN CHALLENGE. Spring is the BEST time to cleanse, refocus, [...]
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March 22, 2019
Fun and Entertaining Essential Oil Quiz
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January 29, 2024
Holistic Preparedness in Emergency Situations
I am a true believer in a holistic approach to Fitness, Wellness & everyday living.  Through my research and everyday practice, I find new and proven ways to handle emergencies [...]
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January 25, 2024
5 Tried & True Ways to Support your Optimal WELLth this winter!
Less sunlight in the winter can impact your circadian rhythm as well as the release of melatonin. To combat these effects, try to get outside in early morning hours (try [...]
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May 20, 2023
Be True to You— Choose You! Tapping exercise
Through this tapping exercise, you can be true to you and always choose you!! Anytime and anywhere. It is time for you to heal from within & Step into Your [...]
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Fall Photo Challenge Contest
Soul Meets Body Coach is “leaping into fall” with a fun, social media-based fall- inspired photo challenge that begins on September 7th and goes on throughout the entire month of [...]
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