April 12, 2019

Bad Situations Happen, it is your REACTION to the negative event that MATTERS.

We have all heard the verse, “Do unto others as you would want done to yourself,” and many of us live and breathe this reality within our personal and professional lives on a daily basis. So, why does it sting so bad when we are blindsided by negative backlash and derogatory words? We are all trying to do what is best for ourselves, our families and our community as a whole, right? We cannot control everyone and everything that goes on around us, but we can control how we react to these events. Today was one of those days where everything was going wrong even though I had the best of intentions with my actions.

This morning started off as a normal Friday… yes, TGIF. I was able to get in an amazing quick spinning and weight training session (since it was downpouring today) before the locksmith arrived. Don’t ask… that is for another blog day. About 10am, my husband calls with some bad news. The tractor overturned and he might be hurt, he’s not sure. “Things just do not feel quite right,” he said. I told him I would head up there with the truck and trailer after the locksmith showed up. No problem at all. Take care.

I was around the corner from our track area about to turn the truck and trailer into the dirt, which the rain turned to mud, and grass and realized it was all mud. Should I put it in 4L or 4H? Well, it was too late… the truck and trailer were stuck in the mud. Not good!! During all of these awful situations, I was reminded of a time in the airport…

I was on my way to a conference in Dallas, TX. It was December and my plane was diverted to TN due to weather that evening. The flight attendants were able to rebook me on the flight, but it would not fly out until the next morning. All of my bags, toiletries and clothing were all still in the baggage area within the plane, so I needed to figure out something for this evening. I could have crumbled, cried or felt bad for myself that night, but I stepped up, took control and took care of myself the best way I knew how. I found toiletries, a cell phone charger, an acceptable area to catch some zzz’s and rest and let the evening’s events unravel in my head. I noticed what was happening and decided to “breathe–be in the moment and let it go.” I couldn’t control the weather, but I could control my reaction to the situation. Was my first leg of the trip a good one? NO, but I found a way to nourish myself and get refreshed for the next day’s arrival to the conference. I reframed my situation and I was able to empower myself for inevitable SUCCESS!!

Let’s go back to today’s situation… How could I reframe this situation and nourish myself, my family and my life? Comment below…. I will choose the best response and mention the winner next week in my blog post. This winning commenter will get his/ her own 4.0 oz Recovery Pro Mist!! Thank you ALL.

Do SOMETHING SILLY, Do NOT take yourself too seriously!!