Soul meets Body Coach is dedicated to providing you and your families with toxin-free, powerful, high-performing products and services.  Living in the moment, and our most authentic life full of pleasure & joy is so important to Soul Meets Body Coach (Christine) that she has spent a quarter of a century sharpening her techniques within the fields of HUMAN POWER, EXCELLENCE and HOLISTIC ways of life, all the while striving to answer one question:

“What are the most essential steps to take reconnect to your body wisdom and reclaim your most authentic life full of pleasure & joy with the least amount of BODY BURDEN possible?”

If you are interested in RECLAIMING your MOST AUTHENTIC LIFE, Soul Meets Body Coach is here to guide you through your truly one-of-a-kind Toxin-free/ Low-Tox journey & give you the tools you need to reclaim your AUTHENTIC life and start living your F.L.O.W. (fulfilled life of Optimal WELLth.) What is Optimal WELLth, you might be asking?  It is when you are living out your soul’s desired truth, completely in alignment with your authenticity while your vibrational frequency is joyful!!  This is hitting your true balance within all aspects of Well-being— time to strive for Optimal WELLthy living.


Feeling drained?  Bloated?  Down right horrible?

Let us UNLEASH your INNER AWESOME and give you simple and easy to follow recommendations for optimal lifestyle health!!