July 24, 2018

Power of Positivity! Step into your OWN Power.

We have all heard how dangerous it is to surround ourselves with negative people, but have your heard about the magic of positivity on others?

The Power of Positivity is when a person’s circle of friends get to reap the benefits of all of the positive energy and transformative work that he/ she has been reflecting back to them.  It is a TRUE buy 1, get 1 free offer (BOGO).  Who doesn’t love a BOGO sale?!?!

Positivity is contagious and it is such great news for everyone.  Not only do those who are intentionally seeking growth get to transform their mindset and attitude, but those around them do as well.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

We attract and experience what we ARE radiating back into the world.  If we are transforming (Stepping into our OWN Power, opening ourselves and our hearts to others, being real and better human beings and giving of ourselves) we will begin to receive these benefits in return.  Transforming ourselves and stepping into our OWN Power will enhance our mood and our mantra, which will create a shift of behavior from the world around us.

Can you recall a time when one of your most treasured relationships was going through a tumultuous period and you just couldn’t figure out why?  You knew you wanted a different outcome, though?  Did you catch yourself thinking, “If only they would?”  It is so common to look outside of ourselves for the cause of the problem and solution.  I am standing here, with bells on, I might add, to tell you that the POWER and RESPONSIBILITY lie within ourselves.  If there is a relationship that needs attention we are called upon to Step into our OWN Power and evaluate ourselves from within.  Amazing, right?!?  As we step into our OWN Power, our inner and outer circles begin to respond.  This is how the power of positive vibes and transformative thoughts begin to carve out the creations of our desired outcomes.

What is the relationship or experience that you desire to achieve through the power of positivity and transformation?  My coaching along with your transformative thoughts and positive actions get to be the stepping stones that lead you across the murky water from WHERE YOU ARE NOW and WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.  The exciting part of this journey is that your loved ones get to come along for the ride and enjoy your positive thinking and transformative attitude on a daily basis.  Let me help you HELP YOURSELF Step into your OWN Power!!!   Start spreading the magic TODAY!!!!  Contact me NOW!