CleanStart Program begins September 5th!

July 26, 2018

CleanStart Program begins September 5th!

Wow, the school year is fast approaching, can you believe it?  In less than a month most of our kids will be trekking around the halls of school with their backpacks and school supplies.  If you are at all like me, secretly you are SO ECSTATIC to get your schedule back to normal including your exercise and eating right regimen.  What better time to cleanse and refresh your body and soul with a CleanStart than the beginning of the school year?!?  This Cleanse is being held from Wednesday, September 5th through Tuesday, September 18th!  Sign up NOW and ensure all of your products get to your doorstep in time for the launch date!!! ($150.00)

The CleanStart for the School Year 14 day Cleanse and Detox Program includes:

-Registration to website and make sure to Sign up for the monthly newsletter for amazing tips of the holistic trade every month

-Sunshine CleanStart 14 Day Cleanse and Detox Program

-NutriBiome Eleven Elevated Prebiotics

-14 day Cleanse mobile App

-14 day Back to Basics easy to follow at home exercise program

-1 group coaching session at the beginning of the Cleanse

Good grief, could this get any easier?!?!  Let’s start the school year off with a CleanStart!!!.  Who’s with me?

Sign up for this program right here on this page.  Go to the blue contact form at the bottom of the page (pop up).  Click on “Schedule a Class” and then choose “14 day CleanStart Cleanse and Detox,” fill out the form, pay via PayPal and get ready to receive your products in the mail.  It’s that simple.  🙂