F.L.O.W. through Your Fascia Intensive



Are you tired of waking up completely congested, inflamed and in pain? In this program I will show you how to reconnect to your body wisdom while “flowing or internally foam rolling” your fascia in order to create an open pathway for energy, blood, lymph and all organs within your body.  With an open pathway, your body can thrive rather than try to survive each & every day.

Flowing through your fascia is a technique that engages your muscles while also elongating in intuitive positions for an easy “wave like” movement within your body.  Fascia Flow is not like traditional stretching.  It is an active, engaged, mindful “soul meets body” practice that can  free your stuck, clogged & knotted up fascia system from disarray, so you will notice immediate benefits.

It has been proven just how crucial the Optimal WELLth of your fascia (connective tissue) truly is.  As we get older or train, we start to notice more tight muscles & joint pain, postural changes, poor blood flow, inflammation, underperforming organs and so much more.  So, what is happening in our bodies to cause all of these ailments?  Our fascia, which is wrapped and intertwined around all of our muscles, organs, bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, brain matter all the way down to your cells, gets tight, bound and disorganized, as you can imagine, it wreaks havoc within your entire body, mind & soul.

Fortunately, my 30+ years of experience in personal training, coaching, educating and mentoring clients has given me the knowledge and the tools to help you show up for yourself daily and live your authentic life (without joint pain, inflammation, congestion or brain fog).  Within this fascia flow intensive, you will immediately begin to feel:

  • Full Body Opening
  • Fulfilled Life of Optimal WELLth (freedom of movement from pain)
  • More energized, free, and youth like
  • Better Posture and postural awareness
  • More functionality in daily life, better agility
  • Feel an increase in strength and control of body
  • Pain, tightness, as well as daily aches and pains seem to melt away

What You Receive:

  • Access to my personal training SMB coaching on WildAI App
  • 1/2 VIP day (on-line or in person)
  • Laser coaching on voxer throughout the entire program
  • Once a week Coaching Session via Zoom or FaceTime w/ yours truly
  • Personalized Fascia Flow routine(s) that are tweaked throughout the 4 week intensive
  • Access to the 2 Day Intentional Manifestation Workshop

This is a four (4) week personalized 1:1 program. Added benefits accumulate as time goes on, so I recommend taking the Get into Your F.L.O.W. State Immersion next.  Are you ready to be pain free and reclaim your authentic self, right now??



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