2 Day-Intentional Manifestation Circle & Workshop



It’s YOUR TIME!! Time to to step into your most authentic dream life EVER with this 2-Day Intentional Manifestation Circle & Workshop. I give you the tools you need to put your dream life within reach!! All you have to do is authentically connect to your dream with all of your “being” &; take ACTION! (ACTION being the action steps I give you throughout this 2-day workshop). Intentional Manifestation is so powerful on its own, but I have figured out a way to combine multiple facets of your own personal authenticity for OPTIMAL WELLth & success.

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This circle & workshop will guide you through the entire process of intentionally manifesting the life you desire & deserve using all of your senses.  The workshop itself is 1-1/2 hours long each day and it will truly inspire you to enrich your daily life with true manifestation from the inner core of your being through journaling and authentically connecting to your dreams.  You will need your favorite essential oil or hydrosol, a journal, a dedicated space for your dreams to come true & a music app).  I can assist you in ordering your essential oils through nature’s sunshine, if you so desire.


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