F.L.O.W. State Incubator: Unclog Energy Pathways



F.L.O.W. State Incubator: Open Energy Pathways is a deep dive into the 7 Energy Centers and 12 (body systems) meridians.  In this 12 month incubator, we reconnect to our body’s innate wisdom and begin to fully understand how our fascial chains communicate with our entire energetic body which leads to Open Energetic Pathways.  DidYouKnow?? that the meridians run through the fascia?  It has been scientifically proven that these meridians or electrical current (Qi) pathways travel though facial chains and completely interwoven throughout the body.

When the pathways are open, Optimal WELLth is possible and a full flow of Qi (energy) is moving into the body tissues, organs, tendons, muscles, nerves, cells, blood and lymph.  Healthy fascia is soft, organized and open, but when fascia become dry & stiff or disorganized, energy cannot pass through it.  This stagnation in the body translates into illness, pain, inflammation and stiffness (lack of range of motion).

This immersion is an extended fascia flow experience with added attunement into your Energy Centers (Meridians) allowing your mind, body & soul to work simultaneously together in order to harness high vibrational energy from within & guide you intuitively into alignment with your JOY while you “Authentically live your F.L.O.W.”

Mindful integration is driven by science and it is an integral piece of the F.L.O.W. State Incubator.  Combining mindful integration along with fascia flow exercises while moving your body  through your Energy Centers (Meridians) allow you to open up your energy pathways for joyful, organized movements and pain free living that you will be able to feel immediately.  With pain free living, you can RECLAIM your AUTHENTICITY and begin living within your F.L.O.W. State.

Throughout this Incubator: you will have you hands on the intuitively connected tools you need to take energetic ACTION—- the action you need to create & live in your F.L.O.W. state as your energetically Authentic Self.

Let me meet you where you are & SHOW you how to raise your vibration through musical frequencies, fascia flow techniques along your meridians (energy channels) through movement, enLIGHTenment and reconnection to your internal “F.L.O.W.” chart.  This process sets you up for continued success by integrating your energy centers & unclogging your nervous system through deep fascia movement, you begin living most authentic life that you do not need a break from.

F.L.O.W. State:


Learn how to sustain your perfect state of FLOW each & every day by “AUTHENTICALLY  living your F.L.O.W.”

Throughout this 12 months, you receive:

  • Coaching with SMBCoach (daily response, accountability and advice) on the WildAI SMBCoach App
  • Twice a month 1:1 laser coaching sessions  (15 minutes) with SMBCoach
  • 2 Pop in Live monthly sessions (targeting proper fascia flow techniques and meridian involvement)
  • Laser coaching via voxer app throughout entire 12 months
  • (Move through with me) 2 Day Intentional Manifestation Workshop (at beginning of program)
  • Daily inspirational messages
  • Weekly Meditations
  • 1st Week of the Month: (Live) educational seminars about a Yin/Yang partner energy Meridian and how they relate to the fascia flow experience (short program included in these sessions with frequency music & sound bath)