UAchieve 5K running program Level 3: Achieve (maximum performance)


Achieve maximum performance with this 12 week downloadable program

9 minute mental rehearsal run mp3

Weight training tips and exercises for maximum performance running

SMB UAchieve Dream Believe Achieve group membership for 12 weeks


You are now considered a seasoned veteran within the running world.  You have been running for several years, finished an ungodly amount of 5k races and higher distance races.   You are NOW seeking maximum performance levels.  This is the program for you…. this program will CHALLENGE YOU!!

You will be running more miles, running faster and combining both in one day along with some added weight training programming via email.  (from yours truly)

Of course, you will be getting a 12 week downloadable program, a 9 minute mental rehearsal run mp3 to inspire and motivate you to get outside and pound the pavement.  Plus, a 12 week membership to SMB UAchieve Greatness, is it in you?  DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE group, where you receive on-going emails with weight training insights in better running performance, zoom video meetings each month about racing tips, dietary guidelines for performance and running for life, shoelace tips for every foot and shoe trends for present day running.


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