Heal from Within & Reclaim Your Authenticity

Are you constantly battling with your health?  Do you find yourself too busy and too tired to take action?  Are you carrying around excess weight that you just cannot get rid of?  Having trouble focusing on the task at hand?  Not living up to your highest potential?  Poor memory?  Getting sick too often and for too long?  Then, this Heal from Within & Reclaim Your Authenticity Reset is exactly what you have been looking for to reconnect to your body’s wisdom.

The Heal from Within & Reclaim Your Authenticity Reset will help guide you through the process of purifying yourself from contaminants in and around your body.  Together, we will ensure that you take an active role in stripping off all that hinders you from reconnecting to your body wisdom, so you can finally reclaim your most authentic life once again.  Wholeness, by definition is the state of being perfectly “Well” in body and soul.  There are varying degrees of wholeness.. a person who appears  to be healthy on the outside, may not be as healthy as it seems on the inside.

The  Heal from Within & Reclaim Your Authenticity Reset will help YOU:

*Unveil the three (3) major obstacles in your diet that can be SABOTAGING your ability to living your most authentic life.

*Unleash all sorts of fun life hacks which, combined, can help you live a healthier, happier, and more unified life.

*Strip at least ten (10) toxins from in and around your body RIGHT NOW and aspire you live in the moment and show up for yourself full out on a daily basis.

*Increase your energy level and health TENFOLD.

*Optimize your productivity by avoiding downtime from illness.

If you would like to start living your most authentic life, have fun, LAUGH and seek pleasure by reconnecting to your body once again, contact Soul Meets Body Coach today and speak with Christine.  Let’s begin RECLAIMING your AUTHENTIC LIFE today.

Additional Supplements and/ or Lab tests are expected to be purchased along with this service.  Strive4Wholeness on the product page. (shop)

$75.00 to $100.00 per session (anywhere from 4- 12 sessions recommended)