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14 Day Cleanse & Heal From Within Reset
Cleanse your Body & Soul with my 14 Day Cleanse & Heal from Within Reset- Reclaim your Most Authentic way of Life!! Sign up TODAY, so you can make sure your cleanse products arrive in time to clean your body from within. (ALL YEAR ROUND) The 14 Day Cleanse & Heal from Within Reset Includes: […]
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F1T Mindset Training
Functional mindfulness through Nature; Trail Running 101; Safe, effective and efficient training; F1T mindset training programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced (all ages); WARRIOR obstacle race training and mindset focused challenges along the way. F1T Mindset training for all levels and ages includes: program, training schedule, race day nutrition/ trail running and/ or hiking guidance […]
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Unleash your Personal Power Intensive
  Feeling drained?  Energy Zapped?  Like you are NOT living up to your highest potential? NOW IS THE TIME TO UNCOVER YOUR INNER MOST POWERFUL YOU!! Here is what you will UNLEASH in OUR first Personal Power Play session: *What’s been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from being the most efficient and […]
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