Toning your Inner Gut Warrior–Vagus Nerve!

Are you dealing with:

Fatigue? (As a cell becomes congested, the powerhouse of the cell within starts to lose its ability to properly fuel your body)

Muscle and Joint Pain? (cellular inflammation drives chronic disease, hormones irregularities, and aches and pains)

Brain Fog? (bodily inflammation leads to brain inflammation, which congests the pathway between our bodies and our brain– mind/body connection– our ability to focus begins to slow down)

Digestive Problems? (Toxic buildup in our gut and poor gut health is the #1 cause of autoimmune diseases, heart attacks and intestinal issues in our population today)

Then, Toning your Inner Gut Warrior (Vagus Nerve) is for YOU!!!

In this program, you will:

*Remove the sludge and toxins from your GUT and restore mitochondrial function, which will allow you to experience all day ENERGY.

*Understand your Gut Health and get personalized recommendations for an easy and fun way to optimal health and wellness inside and out!

*Learn what foods and lifestyle choices are stopping you or holding you back and figure out HOW you can step into your inner gut health warrior to become your BALANCED and AUTHENTIC YOU!

*Activate Healing within your body from removal of the toxic source, so your body will work more efficiently and effectively.

Our fun and easy step-by-step plan along with our iTovi analysis will give you a power packed program for inevitable success.

If you would like to ACTIVATE HEALING from within and feel HAPPIER and HEALTHIER than ever before, contact Soul meets Body and talk to Christine today.  Let her assist you in toning your vagus nerve while balancing your inner gut by reconnecting to your body wisdom.  This will help you reclaim  your authentic life full of pleasure & joy.

Additional Supplements and Lab Tests are expected to be purchased with this Service.  Inner Gut Warrior Breakthrough (on product page).

$75.00 to $100.00/ session (4-12 recommended)